Outlook invitations - Yes, I will accept!

Ok, I know I'm late to the game with this Microsoft Exchange stuff, and maybe this is why everyone loves their Crackberrys, but I was amazed when I saw an calendar invitation pop up on my iPhone this morning. I had just reinstated my work Exchange account last week, reclaiming it from GoogleSync and this time I allowed for my work calendar to sync along with my email. When the invitation came through, I was given an option to view my calendar, which I did to make sure I was free, and then I accepted without a worry. My amazement stemmed from the fact that normally, I had to do all of these steps from a desktop computer and with Outlook open no less. With my Exchange account activated, my Google calendars synced with caldav, and my work schedule also integrated, I am that much closer to no longer being tied to a computer, a program such as Outlook, or even an office. Huzzah!
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