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Contrary to popular belief, Chanatown is my technology focused blog and not a place where you'll find lots of Chinese restaurants and touristy gift shops. Chanatown is written and maintained by me, David Chan, a teacher by trade, with interests in sports, consumer electronics, and cooking among others.

I began to write regularly during the 2010 summer, and I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts, reviews, and opinions on all things technology. Specifically, I've been reflecting on my position as a Technology Integration Specialist at Evanston Township High School.  However, I'll also throw in posts about gadgets I heart, including my iPad, my Android phone, and whatever else is on sale at Best Buy. With that in mind, at Chanatown, you're likely to read about my ed tech experiences served with a side of gadget and sports talk, and garnished with a light dusting of humor. Hope you enjoy.

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You can also read some of my articles, including those that don't quite fit here at Chanatown at Blogcritics.org. From 2011-2013, I worked on the staff of Blogcritics as the Science/Technology and Gaming editor.

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