New Feature: What I Learned Today (WILT) - Adding Links to a SharePoint Document Library

It's been a record two months since the last post, but back to school specials are upon us and that means there's plenty to talk about as I enter year four as a Technology Integration Specialist. Over the past three years, I've been fortunate to work with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students. There is not a day where I am not learning something from either another teacher, a student, or through my own searches. In an attempt to get more posts (still focusing on quality), I'll be writing some shorter articles that feature something I learned. Based on the guiding principle that one question is likely shared by others, I'll try to document more of the questions that I get and the answers that I share with individuals. I'll categorize these as "What I Learned Today" or WILT (not the best acronym by any means), so as to search and find the label with ease.  Read on for the first WILT.

Adding Links and Documents to a SharePoint Library

I'm a big fan of Google Sites, and using the File Cabinet feature, one can add both files and links to the same page template.  This feature (as with many others on Sites) is very easy to teach and is quite intuitive.  Jump over to the SharePoint side of the world and you have a less friendly interface.  Granted, document management is definitely stronger with SharePoint, so many of our teachers continue to use the platform for their course websites.  Recently, there was a question about how to add links to a document library, and a quick Google Search revealed a nice solution.

Within seconds, we were able to include an option to add a URL to a document library, which made it possible to have both documents and links in a single place. Teachers will find this quite useful when organizing their courses and can operate solely out of document libraries as opposed to creating separate libraries and lists for their links. Folder structures are possible, and sorting is enabled.  One downside is that you have to perform the change on every document library, but it's a one-time process.  Hit the source link for the step-by-step procedures.


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